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Australian Worm Growers Association Vermiculture Inc

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AWGAVI's aims and code of ethics


(a) To promote the advancement of earthworm husbandry, throughout Australia and to promote community involvement in vermiculture, including promoting the benefits of earthworms and their associated products.

(b) To encourage and set high standards within the worm growing community, to establish and recommend adherence to a code of ethics for such community, and require all AWGA members to adopt and maintain those standards and that code of ethics.

(c) To facilitate cooperation between earthworm growers through the exchange of ideas, skills and information, to provide for training and professional development of all people engaged in earthworm growing, and to encourage links and interaction between earthworm growers.

(d) To select, determine and foster standards of selling worms and worm products throughout Australia.

(e) To educate the community, Government agencies, the media and educational establishments through agricultural, horticultural and environmental displays.

(f) To support members of the Association in matters of mutual concern and interest and to represent their collective views on any matter concerning the Association or its members.

Code of Ethics

1 - No member will at any, time impugn the reputation of a fellow member.

2 - No member shall attempt to interfere with another's sale or contract, but will endeavour to the best of his/her ability, to help in the satisfactory, completion of that sale or contract.

3 - Members will endeavour to enhance the reputation of the Association by presenting products of the highest possible standard.

4 - Advertisements shall comply with Commonwealth law and the law of a relevant State or Territory.

5 - Advertisements shall be truthful and shall not be misleading or deceptive.

6 - Advertisements shall be clearly distinguishable as such.

7 - Advertisements of a controversial nature shall disclose their source.

8 - Advertisements shall not disparage identifiable products, services or competitors in an unfair or misleading way.

9 - Scientific, statistical or other research data quoted in advertisements shall be neither misleading nor irrelevant.

10 - Testimonials used in advertisements shall honestly reflect the sentiments of the individuals represented. Claims in testimonials are subject to the same rules as other advertising.

11 - All guarantees or warranties referred to in advertisements shall comply with the provisions laid down by Commonwealth law and the law of the relevant State or Territory.




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