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Australian Worm Growers Association Vermiculture Inc

Earthworms: For A Greener Future
Australian Worm Growers Association Benefits!
Our new educational webpage

Educating people as to the importance of organic waste recycling is one of AWGAVI's highest priorties. By assisting members of the general public we hope to encourage people to assist in the prevention of organic waste going to landfill.

We have begun developing handouts and worksheets designed for general audiences with particular focus on developing teaching aids. Many school's over Australia are beginning to teach students the benefits of composting and vermicomposting.

Please enjoy.


Work sheet 1 - Waste and Climate Change (years 5 - 10)
Work sheet 3 - The future of food (years 5 - 10)
Info Sheet 1 - How to Vermicompost and Compost
NEW! Discussion Forum!
Please email our education team if there are any specific requests for additional informaiton at AWGAVI

Enquiries for AWGAVI

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